Friday, September 30, 2011

Who is it? Wayne.


(Moving on)

I was deleting notes I had in my iPhone the other day at work and came across some interesting things I felt necessary to jot down real quick.

Some I googled and couldn't even find anything relating to them. Weird.

But then there was "Wayne Theibaud, yum."

First thoughts..."Wonder who this hottie is."

Then I googled.

And it made a little more sense.

I can't remember where I was and didn't look at the date on the note but I remember thinking "Yum."
Also thought "It's a good thing I don't have a painting like that in my house. I'd be HUGE."

He also paints people though.

and cars

When it comes down to it, I wouldn't mind having ice cream girl hanging in my kitchen, or breakfast nook.


Big plans this weekend?

Craving sweets?

Happy Friday.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm Gonna Do Something Mean...

I was skimming through House Beautiful last night after Happy Hour and stopped abruptly here.

Don't worry, I am going back tonight for a thorough look at everything they've got waiting for me but I just wanted a little glance and didn't have much time.

Anyways, I like the idea of this.
(Not to mention the look and the way my mouth is watering)

Now, I don't eat meat so I would omit the bacon but MY GOSH, give the rest to me now!

Not sure what your take on Figs are but you better like Carbs because if you don't I don't know what you are doing here because we must have ZERO in common.

Took the liberty of scanning these in for you.

My little brother says I make the best pancakes. My mom makes good waffles but I swear, the women can't make a pancake that doesn't resemble a rock to save her life.

Long story short, I am going to Central Market to purchase the figs. And the flour. And everything else this calls for.

Hope you're hungry now. MUAHAHAHAHA.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

James and The Bruges Manor

Last night I spent a full hour with James.

He is just a guy I know that I pay to kick my a$$ at the YMCA.

He says he knows what he is doing.

One thing is for sure, man knows how to tan.

When he's not running around in panties he looks like this

We are friends. Sometimes.
Other times I tell him to shove it.

Anyways, Tuesday nights are one hour sessions which typically result in me screaming at the thought of having to pee for fear of not being able to stand back up after squatting.
Don't act like y'all don't know EXACTLY what I am talking about. That feeling when your butt is on FIRE because muscles you didn't know existed are sore beyond sanity.

Anyways, when I got home I didn't even want to type on my computer, but I am (it is currently Tuesday evening). So here is what you get for today (or tomorrow rather, Wednesday morning).
More Veranda goodness.

Why is it that just when I was starting to forget about Europe and adjust back to my reality I turned the page to see this.

Hot guy with a dog in the country side of Bruges that just so happened to restore a gorgeous home.

And he has a chicken, or Rooster or Hen, whatever that thing is. Not the point. Look at the floor! And the Hydrangeas.

Then there is a little LA (which is coming up on my travel calendar for the 4th of November)

I don't even know how to express my undying love for this.

The marble.
The tile.
The wide plank floors.
The calming colors.
The eclectic mix of chairs that are supposed to say "I didn't try" when we all know that they actually scoured the world to find a perfect mix.

Oh, no worries, I am not done sexing your eyes up with invitations of "Come hither, your life will be calm and perfect and everyone will want to come to your house but you can say no and be alone with Twilight."

I could just take the ottoman and be happy. Forever.

Enjoy dreaming of that. Or James if that's your thing.
Meanwhile, I'll be trying to get my sports bra off without alerting the neighbors with my blood curdling screams.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Couture Meets Curtains

I got through one magazine this weekend.

Veranda dawling.
What do we think of this?

The talented babes at Parsons designed these gorgeous numbers.

I am totally down.

They make me want to go tramping through the field to find Mr. Darcy

Or go dig through the sale racks at Antrho.
Or channel Scarlett O'hara by ripping down my curtains and gettin' to sewing.

Images via Veranda (print)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Moody Monday

Good morning babies!

Have you heard of these peeps?

They are man and wife and I like them.
Maybe you will also.
Check out some of their other songs too.

Happy Monday! Or at least pretend :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Moody Monday

Ever since getting back from London this tune has been on repeat.

It was introduced to me by a close friend while on vacation.

You have to check out the rest of her stuff also.

I miss vacation.
I miss my friend.
Monday blues.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Today I am lame and I am going to show you pictures of food and drinks and shat.

Mojito from Madison in London

Bibi's Bakery in Edinburgh

those are all real in case you were wondering

1 white chocolate vanilla
1 lemon

Devouring on the train to Aberdeen, Scotland

Not gonna lie, my tummy ached after that.

One of our favorite beers was the Hollyrood

Sister and her Hollyrood

Went well with Sister's dinner at Mussel Inn

That's all you get today.
Big weekend of laundry headed my way.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Portobello Road

On our last day in London (yea, I'm going out of order), I took my sister and dad to Portobello Road Market.

I found some cool shat.

Like this old trunk for extra $$$$ (too much monies)

And these hand painted vintage tiles.
Also lots of $mula$

Then guess what we walked past...

A clothing store that was FULL of old Singer sewing machines.

Do you know how amazing and star struck I was.
I use a Singer. Correction, I used to use my mom's old Singer.

And how pretty is this.


And then....

the FIRST fresh vegetables I had seen the ENTIRE trip.
My body was convulsing with anticipation.
IRON, Zinc, Vitamins!

These weren't half bad to look at either

If we were staying longer I would have purchased an arm loads full.

So, tonight I am headed to dinner with my girlfriends to catch up on my trip and their life while I was gone.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

London, My Heart

Hello my loves. 
I am still so exhausted from my vacation and Monday evening went to bed at 6:30 and slept until Tuesday morning. Pretty legitimate excuse for a lack of a post yesterday. 

Anyways, we had a lovely time on our trip, with the exception of a few family "misunderstandings." 

Sister, dad and I didn't sleep a wink on the plane over to England. I was excited. Dad was uncomfortable. Sister was watching the new releases on the Delta mini television in the headrest in front of her. 

Our first three nights we staying in South Kensington, such a gorgeous area. Our hotel....well, not the best in terms of space or accommodations but hey, we made it work. 

After checking into our room Friday afternoon I drug my travel partners to Kensington Palace and Gardens which is what I am going to share with you today. 

There is LOADS of renovations going on in London right now to get ready for the Olympics in 2012 so a lot of the city had scaffolding (warning for future photos). But the gardens were perfect.

I wish you could see the detail of how trimmed and perfect everything was. 

Like a fairy tale.

Made me think of something out of a Jane Eyre novel.

We took a tour of the palace also but Sister has most of those photos.

I did however learn how to sit like Princess Diana...

Although I am pretty positive she didn't wear "boyfriend jeans" and layered tanks and have her bra straps showing. Other than that we are spot on!

I have so many photos and stories to share with y'all but please be patient with me because I be tired. 

BTW- I hope yall enjoyed all my friends and their posts while I was away. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Moody Monday

I am exhausted but I am home and in slept in my own bed last night.

Do you get depressed when your vacation high is over? I do.

I will post about our trip after some rest but for this Monday morning check out Holly Brook.

Soothing my vacation blues.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Can't Live Without While Traveling V

Happy Friday friends. To wrap up our week of guest posts is my Delta sister and friend Brittany Fuson is guest posting. She is quite the fashionista, artist, and stylish babe so I am sure she has some genius to share with us. 
After reading please pop over and check her out here and here.

For me, it's not as much about WHAT you pack, but HOW you pack it. I have been obsessed with the Henri Bendel travel accessories in the signature brown & white stripe for a while now. I have added new little items each time I make it up to New York. I don't feel right ordering them's about the experience, walking out with a little brown and white striped bag channeling my inner Gossip Girl. 

The jewelry and toiletry bags are a must, but my makeup bag is's magnetic so the sides will stay open while you sort through your makeup! The individual bags for Laundry, Shoes, and Lingerie are an excellent way to keep things organized in your suitcase. 

Another must: my LoveQuotes scarf. It's so perfect for all types of weather and for wrapping up on the plane. I always pack nail polish (these are two of my new favorites as I'm obsessing over glitter polish right now). I have had such terrible experiences with perfume leaking all over my cosmetic bag while traveling. When I found out that my favorite scent comes in a roll-on, it was love at first sight. 

This is the perfect time to travel and pour over the pages of the latest September issues. My final must-have: fold-up flats from Gap. Yes, I have them in four different colors. I wear them all the time, but they're so lightweight that you can throw them in your bag as a back-up. 

Clockwise from top left: 
Henri Bendel jewelry case
Henri Bendel train case
Henri Bendel travel trip
Love Quotes scarf
OPI nail polish
Stella McCartney roll-on perfume
Vogue & InStyle magazines
Gap flats
Henri Bendel magnetic dopp kit

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Can't Live Without While Traveling IV

 Today my cute blogger friend Stacie Jean is filling in for me. We have never met but I just know we would instantly be obsessed with eachother and popping that bottle of wine and chit chatting all night long. Anyways, Stacie Jean has put together her "Can't Live Without" list. Thanks girl!

Travel "Must Haves"

First of all I hope that Miss Sarah is having an absolutely LOVELY time in London and on her travels. We both share quite the love for this city across the pond and my jealousy is "maj-or" if you know what I mean. While she's away and gallivanting, I thought I'd share my favorite travel necessities. I must say, my travel "must-haves" are pretty simple! I am a nerd at heart and I love to read. My Kindle is with me at all times ready for action, so this is a most obvious must! Along with a few magazines to tide me over with pretty things to look at. I also always carry my trusted Longchamp as my go-to tote for all travel purposes. Besides my wallet, magazines AND Kindle - I'm known to always carry a water-bottle, no one likes to be de-hydrated on a plane. Speaking of de-hydration I also carry hand cream and lip balm since my lips are prone to cracking (ew!). Okay and since I'm rather vain I also carry a small assortment of makeup items with me so I can look "fresh" upon landing, usually some bronzer, lip gloss, under-eye concealer and mascara. Just in case that handsome fella that checks your passport becomes your tour-guide {wink,wink!}

Enjoy your trip Sarah! Thanks for letting me share my goods. xoxo, Stacie Jean