Thursday, September 15, 2011

Portobello Road

On our last day in London (yea, I'm going out of order), I took my sister and dad to Portobello Road Market.

I found some cool shat.

Like this old trunk for extra $$$$ (too much monies)

And these hand painted vintage tiles.
Also lots of $mula$

Then guess what we walked past...

A clothing store that was FULL of old Singer sewing machines.

Do you know how amazing and star struck I was.
I use a Singer. Correction, I used to use my mom's old Singer.

And how pretty is this.


And then....

the FIRST fresh vegetables I had seen the ENTIRE trip.
My body was convulsing with anticipation.
IRON, Zinc, Vitamins!

These weren't half bad to look at either

If we were staying longer I would have purchased an arm loads full.

So, tonight I am headed to dinner with my girlfriends to catch up on my trip and their life while I was gone.


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