Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Exciting News...

I won't bore you with excuses for where I have been the past 2 weeks but I will say my lack of posts have been for a good reason.

Between all my travels recently I was accepted into a Post Graduate International Business Program that involves me moving to London for 12 months.

That's right, London. 

You can imagine the emotional roller coaster I have been on and frankly just haven't had the thought to blog.

The next few months are going to be very exciting, bitter sweet, scary, busy, and will call for a good deal of adjustment on my end.

I have not decided if I will be continuing on with Cubicle Sanity or starting a new blog all together. 

I am so fortunate and proud and anxious. 
I have the amazing opportunity of moving to the city that I love and dream about for an entire year.

What do I take with me? How do I pack all my shoes? Will I need to defer my car insurance? How many things am I going to have to change my address on? When do I quit work? Should I ask for a first class ticket? When will I get to talk to my friends and family here? Will they come see me? Should I ask for a British Chi flat iron? Do they even make those? 

I have so much to do between now and March! As of now I will be moving home to Memphis in February to live and spend time with my parents and siblings before I depart in March.  I want to share every bit of my experience with y'all but I also want to take full advantage of my year and not miss out on anything or feel pressure to post something. Get me?

Anyways, I have been wanting to share this news and scream it from the rooftops and now that I have told my family and close friends, I can make it a bit more public. My work does not know yet so no calling my boss to rat me out!

Until next time, whenever that is, I will leave you with a few pics from my future city.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Moody Monday

Here is another one from Revenge.

I am not going to tell y'all again that you need to get on board with this show!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Happy Friday babies. 

Speaking of babies....I am on a plane right now headed home to meet my new niece and nephew.

Judging from this picture I am pretty sure my weekend is going to be better than yours.

Good luck trying to prove me wrong!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hi Ho Hi Ho Houston to New York to Houston I Go

Since I am back in NYC today it is only right that I finish up my NYC vacation recap.

Where did I leave off?

Oh, that's right, the halloween party with Sophia Grace and Lil' Wayne.

Saturday night we went to a super exclusive, predominantly Alabama folk, Halloween shindig. 

Courtenay and I made the Sophia Grace costume in about 10 minutes and an hour before the party started. Funny how some things come together and are such a huge hit. And it was.

Particularly with the Toddlers in Tiaras that were present.

Nicki Minaj even made a guest appearance and performed with little Sophia Grace.

I chose to include this gorilla man with Bat Man because I liked his glow stick necklace. Literally, that's the only reason. I didn't ever even talk to the guy.

The party was in this rented out German beer garden bar place in the Lower East side. It was great because we had our own DJ, own bathrooms, and own bar tender. And almost everyone there had a nice Southern twang. 
Felt like home.

Speaking of home, I need to hop my plane and head back to Houston.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Confessions of a Product Junkie

Good morning friends! I am exhausted from a wonderful trip to Los Angeles and lots of quality time with my best friend Robin.

After one day back at work I am headed off to New York (that's right, again) for today and tomorrow for a secret meeting. Can't tell you more than that right now but patience and, in time, I will let you in on my little secret ;)

Erin is back this week with another Confession of a Product Junkie post. 
Take it away sister!

Philosophy: The Microdelivery Peel

Hello lovely readers!  I don’t know how the weather’s been where you live, but down here in Houston it has been hot, cold, humid, dry, and everything in between lately, and my skin is not happy about it.

So naturally, I hit up the black and white striped candy store (aka Sephora) to see what remedies might be available for my confused skin. Enter this baby:

As you saw last week, I’m already a Philosophy fan (as is Miss Emily- loved reading your comment last week! :) ), so I was instinctively curious about this peel. 

A couple hours later I found myself hair pulled back, headband on, clean faced, and ready to give this thing a try.

Step 1: Apply the Vitamin C/ Peptide Resurfacing Crystals

Here’s a helpful hint I’ve learned during my multiple bouts with Weight Watchers- portion control is your friend.  4 oz. of boneless, skinless white meat chicken does not mean you get to deep fry 5 chicken legs and eat every last bite for only 4 points- unless you feel like lying to yourself and then screaming at the lady weighing you in the following week that the scales are wrong.  Which I may or may not have done.  Multiple times.

Anyways- when it comes to products, I’ve found that portions matter just as much as they do with foods.  If it says use a dime sized amount, don’t use a quarter.  If, like it does in this case, it says to use a teaspoon, then get yourself a teaspoon measurer for $.99 at Target (because you know you’re already there 3 times a week anyways) and measure out a teaspoon.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll be surprised at how much a teaspoon actually is.

For those of you fairly familiar with exfoliator lingo, this one is definitely very grainy, but not overly harsh or scratchy.  You’re supposed to use it on dry skin, so at least for me, spreading it around my face was a bit of a process with no water to work with, but the wonderful orange smell more than makes up for any added elbow grease.

60 seconds of scrubbing later, Step 2: Apply Lactic / Salicylic Activating Gel

I poured this stuff into my hand and have to admit I was not at all impressed:

That’s it?  That’s the magical second step that turns this orange juice scrub into orange creamsicle wonderfulness?

Ahh, young grasshopper, you have much to learn.  Mix the gel with the scrub, and like a vision out of Willy Wonka’s Skincare Fantasy:

Poof!  It’s foamy, it turns warm once you start rubbing it into the scrub, and it somehow miraculously sucks up the all graininess until your skin once again feels smooth.

I’ve got to admit, this is by far the best feeling peel/exfoliator I’ve ever used.  There’s no stinging, no burn, and have I mentioned how good this stuff smells?  We’ve come a long way from the Apricot scrub baby.

This is me letting all the orangey goodness soak in for the recommended 2-3 minutes. 

And this is the aftermath- less than 30 seconds after I rinsed off the peel, and trust me, if I had just finished using a more harsh exfoliator, as much as I love y’all, you best believe you would not be seeing no pictures of me with my face beat up and red. 

Three Weeks and Three Treatments Later:
Erin’s Final Grade: A-

Pros: delicious orange smell, miles and miles more gentle than other exfoliators, wonderful warming sensation
Cons: slightly difficult to apply, not quite as deep of a clean as other exfoliators

The Bottom Line: I was looking for something stronger than my daily routine, but not as intense as Exfolikate, and I think this product is a great in between.  I’ve been using the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel mid-week and Exfolikate on the weekend and now instead of running for cover every time the weather patterns shift, my skin looks up at the clouds, puts its hand on its hip, snaps its fingers and says “oh no you didn’t,” and then keeps going on like nothing happened.  And that makes this chica very happy with her purchase.

Thanks for the reviews Erin. I am in major need of an exfoliation treatment. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Now THAT'S Camping

The Glam Camping Company know how to "tickle my fancy."

And with Fall weather finally hitting Houston I can't think about anything better than being outside ALL DAY.

And how is that supposed to change after finding this beauty!?

Someone FINALLY figured out how to get a classy, luxury-loving girl into the woods for a weekend. 

Now, I've camped before (recall my Ghostland weekend trips) but set me up with these digs and you might not be able to get me back home.

Picture above screams bottle of red wine and cashmere wrap. No?

 Or if you are feeling a little playful (or have little nuggets to think about) they offer some pretty whimsical options as well.

UGH, get me out of this beige office and into this life!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Moody Monday

My favorite friend Colin told me a few weeks ago that I needed to listen to this one morning.

Thank you Colin because now I am in love with this song and this guy.

Happy Birthday to my sister this morning! I love you!

Friday, November 4, 2011

LA Candy

I'm jetsetting off again this weekend.
Headed to Los Angeles to visit my best friend Robin who moved there in September.

She knows all the fabulous spots and I am sure will show me all the goods. 

Maybe we will be able to stop here

Just for a little look-see

And it may be November but I was told to pack my suit and I am good at following directions.

Headed anywhere good this weekend?

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Friday night in New York I was surprised with tickets to this

This is a big deal because I was supposed to go see The Phantom of the Opera in 6th grade with my friend Ashley but I came down with an awful stomach virus and couldn't go. I was heartbroken and had never seen it since then.

I was feeling very sassy and uber NYC chic.

Our tickets were the BOMB!

Yea, that would be box seats babies!

After the show we snapped a few pics in Time Square

(Whitney and John in case you were confused and thought I had a wardrobe change)

then headed to this A-MAZING spot called Alta.
This atmosphere was so sexy with dim lighting and beautiful NY people and WINE!
Literally the wine list that night was a front and back legal size sheet of paper.

So basically you just order a million small plates and all pass them around, or that's what we did.
I tried to steal a menu but our waiter wasn't impressed when I told him I have a blog :( but lucky for y'all it is online.

Here is just a preview of what we ordered. EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, we ordered was out of this world delicious.

By the end of the meal I "grew a pair" and stole the dessert menu!

Unfortunately we did not order anything but next time...next time.

After dinner we headed to the lower east side to meet up with my friend Colin at this weird bar.
I saw weird because upstairs was a Russian Dance bar and downstairs there was a sparkly crazy dance floor with poles and lights where this happened

oh yea, naked silver manikins everywhere.
It. Was. Awesome.

We danced until 5 am when the bar kicked us out and then tried to make it back home.

We did not end up biking but did take a gypsy cab. Those people are TERRIBLE drivers and I never want to get in one of those cars again!

All in all, TOP NIGHT!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Penelope and Merchants River House

Right as I am starting to get settled into the week it is time for me to leave again!
Such a strange feeling.

This past weekend in NYC was fabulous. I could not have imagined a better trip.

After a NIGHTMARE of a flight (Thank you Continental/United) on Thursday evening, we arrived at Courtenay's apartment at nearly 2 am.

Friday morning was gorgeous so what better way to start the day than with a jog through Central Park. We ran for an hour while taking in all the sites, sounds, and smells.

Can you imagine if this was part of your morning routine?

After grabbing a coffee and showering up we headed to lunch at Penelope.

This is such a quaint little spot with what I considered a "shabby chic" feel.

The food wasn't half bad either ;)
I enjoyed the brie and apple sandwich on toasted multi grain bread with honey mustard. Yea.

Unfortunately we were too late for the brunch menu but we did get a little extra surprise as we were walking in...Bravo was filming for their new "reality" show. I had to sign a waiver and get my photo taken in case I am on TV shoving my food in my face. Nice image huh.

Anyways, if you are headed to NYC and a looking for a cute spot to grab brunch/lunch then head to Penelope for sure.

Another spot to stop by is Merchants River House.

It is located right on the Hudson with the best views.

This place was small and cozy with a casual crew (all waiters had jeans and white shirts).

We accidentally found this one while strolling along the river. I had to use the ladies room and stopped in here really quick. I felt guilty so I ordered a glass of wine and ended up staying there for about an hour and a half just chatting and watching all the people walk by and the boats on the water.

Don't you love it when that happens?!
FYI the steamed mussels looked and smelled pretty killer.

Friday evening in NYC recap tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Willpower is something that I struggle with, particularly when it comes to sweets.

After a fabulous weekend in NYC filled with booze and baked goods, I decided I needed to take a note from Mrs. Prince William and shrink down a bit.

Let's not get carried away people, there is NO physical way, or personal desire for that matter, to be as thin as she is.

It is reported here (and many other places) that Kate is a follower of the Dukan Diet.

I hit the grocery store last night and gathered up everything I need for my first few days of the "Attack Phase" and have hit the ground running this morning.

I will be updating y'all on my progress but so far, this is what's going on:

-weighed in this morning at 1*4 lbs.
 -I started off my day with scrambled egg whites and smoked salmon with the Dukan Oat Bran Pancake. Pretty dang good!
- After breakfast I was stuffed for an hour!

I am 5'8" with medium bone structure and work with a trainer 3X a week so naturally my results will be different from others.

Head to the website and check it out.

According to my calculations, I should hit my goal weight by November 27th.

I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, I'll keep you abreast of all my travel adventures.

Happy Dukan!