Friday, September 9, 2011

Can't Live Without While Traveling V

Happy Friday friends. To wrap up our week of guest posts is my Delta sister and friend Brittany Fuson is guest posting. She is quite the fashionista, artist, and stylish babe so I am sure she has some genius to share with us. 
After reading please pop over and check her out here and here.

For me, it's not as much about WHAT you pack, but HOW you pack it. I have been obsessed with the Henri Bendel travel accessories in the signature brown & white stripe for a while now. I have added new little items each time I make it up to New York. I don't feel right ordering them's about the experience, walking out with a little brown and white striped bag channeling my inner Gossip Girl. 

The jewelry and toiletry bags are a must, but my makeup bag is's magnetic so the sides will stay open while you sort through your makeup! The individual bags for Laundry, Shoes, and Lingerie are an excellent way to keep things organized in your suitcase. 

Another must: my LoveQuotes scarf. It's so perfect for all types of weather and for wrapping up on the plane. I always pack nail polish (these are two of my new favorites as I'm obsessing over glitter polish right now). I have had such terrible experiences with perfume leaking all over my cosmetic bag while traveling. When I found out that my favorite scent comes in a roll-on, it was love at first sight. 

This is the perfect time to travel and pour over the pages of the latest September issues. My final must-have: fold-up flats from Gap. Yes, I have them in four different colors. I wear them all the time, but they're so lightweight that you can throw them in your bag as a back-up. 

Clockwise from top left: 
Henri Bendel jewelry case
Henri Bendel train case
Henri Bendel travel trip
Love Quotes scarf
OPI nail polish
Stella McCartney roll-on perfume
Vogue & InStyle magazines
Gap flats
Henri Bendel magnetic dopp kit

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