Thursday, September 8, 2011

Can't Live Without While Traveling IV

 Today my cute blogger friend Stacie Jean is filling in for me. We have never met but I just know we would instantly be obsessed with eachother and popping that bottle of wine and chit chatting all night long. Anyways, Stacie Jean has put together her "Can't Live Without" list. Thanks girl!

Travel "Must Haves"

First of all I hope that Miss Sarah is having an absolutely LOVELY time in London and on her travels. We both share quite the love for this city across the pond and my jealousy is "maj-or" if you know what I mean. While she's away and gallivanting, I thought I'd share my favorite travel necessities. I must say, my travel "must-haves" are pretty simple! I am a nerd at heart and I love to read. My Kindle is with me at all times ready for action, so this is a most obvious must! Along with a few magazines to tide me over with pretty things to look at. I also always carry my trusted Longchamp as my go-to tote for all travel purposes. Besides my wallet, magazines AND Kindle - I'm known to always carry a water-bottle, no one likes to be de-hydrated on a plane. Speaking of de-hydration I also carry hand cream and lip balm since my lips are prone to cracking (ew!). Okay and since I'm rather vain I also carry a small assortment of makeup items with me so I can look "fresh" upon landing, usually some bronzer, lip gloss, under-eye concealer and mascara. Just in case that handsome fella that checks your passport becomes your tour-guide {wink,wink!}

Enjoy your trip Sarah! Thanks for letting me share my goods. xoxo, Stacie Jean

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