Monday, February 28, 2011

A Threat

Last week a nasty virus took over my body for much longer that acceptable...and then it rocked my emotional and mental stability.
Turns out that my dad, manfriend, aunt, grandmother, 2 bridesmaids, brother, and sister-in-law all experienced the rage of the same infectious, viral plague. Must have all picked it up at the wedding extravaganza.
After nearly 3 days of 100+ fevers, body aches and tummy troubles, I headed back to work feeling rather faint.

And then came the doldrums.
It's like, I couldn't get out of the funk.
I went from spending a glorious weekend with my family and close friends to being at least 12 hours away from a blood relative and/or bestie, feeling like I was going to die, and then returning to work and the ever-increasing realization that I loathe my current career/job/position....
I wanted to sleep and not wake up for a few days. I wanted to jet home to the safety of my mom and puppies. I wanted to quite my job and run away to Europe. I wanted to take a 3 hours lunch break and attempt to fill this growing hole in my chest with cute clothes or cake.
Mostly, I wanted to cry. And cry. And cry.

But, I did not.

I am still not completely out of my funk.
I still feel like I am screaming on the inside and floating through the motions of daily life.
I still want to climb in the bed and hide....but I won't.

Why am I telling y'all all of this? I am not sure. Maybe because sometimes it is nice to know that other people have the same thoughts, issues, moments of darkness....Maybe I am just trying to be honest with myself and the virtual friends that I have met and shared parts of my life with. And doesn't this part of my life warrant a chapter in the book blog? Maybe I am secretly wanting y'all to say that you too feel this way and that I am just "normal." But then I hear the voice of my mother saying "Normal is a setting on a dryer Sarah."

If I am missing for a few days, I just need a little break from a few things....and start to gather my swords and fight back this feeling.

Time to be proactive because after all,

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Very Special Girl

My very special and lovely high school and college friend has a big birthday today!!!
We have been together through a lot (high school, college, heartbreak, family drama, holidays, speeding tickets...).
I couldn't be with her this weekend to celebrate with lots of Margs and a few slaps to the face when things started to get fuzzy. 
So, as I sit at Barnes and Noble and wait for the slowest Wifi on the face of the earth, I will introduce you to my birthday girl.

Alabama game days are an especially fond memory for us together.
Let's face it, best friends make best dates.

And we shared some pretty big victories together.
(Night Alabama became #1)

And entertained each other with a little montage on less-successful evenings out.

Maybe sometimes she needed a break from all the antics....

Memphis holidays surely wouldn't have been the same.

Did I mention she is S.A.S.S.Y.
(I know, you can thank me later)

And always up for a reunion.

As if this doesn't explain it all....

She loves me.
And I love her.
You hear that lady? I LURV you.
Happy Happy Happiest Birthday Wishes to my bestie.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fairley loving you Tobi

Hope you have a Fairley fabulous Friday

pictures via

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rachel Leigh

Last week I was visiting Persuit of Style when Lindsay suggested I should check out Rachel Leigh's collection.
I had never heard of Rachel Leigh but man do I want to be her best friend now!

I mean, just look at some of her pieces.

Cubed Studs 
Mcinnis Studs
Cleo Snakeskin
Great Cuff
Simone Id

There is so much more where that came from.
Thank you Lindsay for the pointer.

Which would you choose?
I know I want the Great Cuff and those killer Mcinnis Studs

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Had no clue the amount of energy that it would take to be sister of the bride.
I am working on gathering pictures from guests and family but for now you can have a little teaser on what the dresses (of the bride and maids) looked like.
Not the best quality as it was taken via cell phone but you get the picture.

The wedding was perfect.
The food was yummy.
The band! Oh my the band was phenomenal.
Full recap later this week!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Recovering and a Recipe

I am no doubt recovering from a long wedding weekend right now. Therefore, I have scheduled this post of a yummy dinner I whipped up last week.

I was craving something pasta-ish and did NOT want to venture to the store. So, I decided to use what I had in the pantry and came up with this
My fork is not really that big btw.

I started with 4oz of organic spinach fettuccine. 
And just in case you are a point counter (WW), you are better off using 1 cup of cooked wheat pasta just FYI. This was 5 points for 2 oz....who would have thought.

Anyways, I brought water to a rolling boil and cooked according to package directions. I found that I had to cook a bit longer because these noodles were pretty thick.

I had some fresh yellow bell pepper and cherry tomatoes that I sliced. Then I used half a can of quartered artichoke hearts. 

While I poured myself a glass of wine,
I heated (warm/simmer setting) 1tbs of extra virgin olive oil, 1tsp red pepper flakes and about 2 cloves of minced garlic. I let it heat so the oil infused with the garlic and pepper.

Then I added bell pepper, tomato and artichokes and sauteed them until the peppers were soft and the tomato looked bursting with flavor (about 5-6 minutes).

Then I just dumped the noodles in and tossed it all about. 

So simple. So good. Pretty light.
Manfriend licked his bowl so I knew I did something right.
This just proves that you totally don't have to have some elaborate meal...just need 15 minutes and few basic ingredients.

Wedding pictures and festivities recap later this week!

Disclaimer: I live in a tiny garage apartment rental, don't judge my stove, lighting, counters...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nerves? Check.

Can't eat.
Afraid I might fall.
What if I throw up?
What could possibly calm my nerves right now?

Possibly a little Keri Hilson to loosen up and gain a bit of strength for Sister's big day today...

Oh, I think so.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Here Comes The Bride

Today I am posting from Charlotte, NC.
Manfriend and I arrived late last night and are gearing up for all the wedding festivities to begin.
I am soooo excited!
And I am sooo nervous.

It is going to be a LONG day today with the bridesmaids luncheon, rehearsal dinner, and late night bridesmaid hangout.
Did I mention that I have to transform the entire living area of the hotel suite into a fabulous and girly party room?
Luckily, I planned ahead and did most of my pre-decorating work earlier this week.

Hopefully it will feel a bit like this

(Next week I will post DIY directions for these tissue flowers)

Then with a bit of this
and a few of these
It will be the perfect last night as single gal for Sister.

Heading out for a jog to clear my mind.

 Stay tuned, plenty of pictures to follow after this weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well Played Sir

Manfriend and I celebrated Valentine's on Sunday night.
I wasn't going to post anything about our evening because he is very particular about his privacy....I think he thinks that one of y'all is crazy and is going to come and get him....I know, right.
Anyways, I just couldn't not brag on him and wanted to show you what he walked in my door carrying
One of my favorite flowers are Hydrangeas and look how creative my Manfriend (plus florist) was.
We were running a bit late for dinner so I stuck them in refrigerator and we headed out.

When I got home from a lovely date with my best friend, I broke them down into two vases.
I stuck a few roses in a pretty bud vase and put them beside my bed.
The rest of the flowers went into a low round vase on top of my shelves in the living room.

Oh, and did I mention that they smell amazing?!
He did good. Well  played sir.

UPDATE: Monday night while working on wedding decorations for my sister's party...
Manfriend surprised me with these!!! My very first pair of boots. I am officially a Texas girl.
I was in my pjs so this is all I could give y'all. He is the best best best best best....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sweet Carolina Girl

When stopping by Sweetpea for my morning blog roll read, I noticed a cute girl named Virginia had left a comment. Being the nosy girl that I am, I decided to check out what was up with her.
Turns out, she has a cute blog too.
Funny how that happens...cute girl = cute blog.

Anyways, lucky me that I decided to stop by because she is having a fun little giveaway. Better stop by and enter to win some fun polish and lip smackin' balms.

Sweet Carolina Girl: My first little giveaway!: "**** UPDATE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW MY BLOG TO ENTER!!!**** Now this is by no means a huge giveaway but I'm still excited for it!! F..."

Yellow Brick Blog: Beauty Giveaway!

Lyndsy from YBB is hosting a giveaway from Apothica .
I had never heard of this website so I headed over to see what they had to offer
It is similar to Sephora but seems to offer a few different products and brands and guarantees the lowest pricing.
Here are a few items I would be thrilled to spend my $25 gift card on

Head on over to enter for a chance to win your own $25 card.

Yellow Brick Blog: Beauty Giveaway! Enter to win an Apothica $25 Gif...: "Ever since I was little, I have always been obsessed with beauty products. I believe my mother played a big role in my obsession and she was..."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I wanna see you out that door

Baby, bye, bye, bye.

Finally Bachelor Brad used his head instead of his man parts and sent Michelle Money packin'.

Yes, honey, you are smoking hot but you are a complete nut case.

Thankfully, I don't have to look at you anymore and can continue rooting for Emily.

See you later never crazy.

IKEA Experience

I had this empty wall and a major lack of storage.

So, after browsing the Internet for the cheapest fix,
 I headed to IKEA to purchase these bad boys
I got white so that if I want to paint it later I can.

Normally I can be a pretty patient person.
This night, not so much.
The box was 73lbs.
 In order to get the thing up my stairs (was alone and refused to wait on Manfriend), I had to rip it into shreds and carry up the pieces one at a time.

Then I scoffed at the fat little men telling me I had to have an assembly partner
and got to work.

Many frustrated outburst later

Then came the fun part...

I was too exhausted to "style" it but wanted to get a few things out of plastic bins.
Now all of my scrapbooks, cook books, magazine clippings, stamps, stickers, workout gear....has its own nice little cube.

Sorry for the lighting, it was 9:30 and y'all know my camera is AWFUL to begin with.
You get the point. Empty wall is gone, crafty tools have a place, plastic bins stacked in corner are gone, and I am becoming a bit more organized.

Now I just need to get around to making it look fancy.

Any cute tips for me?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

No case of "The Mondays" here!
I'm feeling the L.O.V.E. today and am channeling it your way!

Happy Valentine's Day to my Manfriend.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Shasta Anne: Giveaway! Clarisonic Skin Care Brush!

How have I missed this until today!?!?!
I even hinted that I want one of these for Valentine's the other day. Head over there quick!

Shasta Anne: Giveaway! Clarisonic Skin Care Brush!: "Are you ready for this? I have a FABULOUS giveaway for you. I am giving away a Clarisonic Mia; the winner gets to choose either..."

DIY Valentine Cards

I like getting mail. Who doesn't?
Not credit card offers for 20% APR or "Dear Resident" mail, but personal letters, notes, invitations....
You get it.

 I wanted to send all my luvs a little note this Valentine's day. If you are as blessed with as many wonderful people in your life as I am, it can get pretty pricey.

So, I hit up Michael's, pulled out a few tools, and got to work.

After a few hours of Mad Men and then a bit of screaming at Bachelor Buff for keeping crazy Michelle,
I had my little Valentine's cards crafted with love for all my besties.

Man, I am in dire need of a legit camera.

What are you sending this Valentine's Day?