Wednesday, September 28, 2011

James and The Bruges Manor

Last night I spent a full hour with James.

He is just a guy I know that I pay to kick my a$$ at the YMCA.

He says he knows what he is doing.

One thing is for sure, man knows how to tan.

When he's not running around in panties he looks like this

We are friends. Sometimes.
Other times I tell him to shove it.

Anyways, Tuesday nights are one hour sessions which typically result in me screaming at the thought of having to pee for fear of not being able to stand back up after squatting.
Don't act like y'all don't know EXACTLY what I am talking about. That feeling when your butt is on FIRE because muscles you didn't know existed are sore beyond sanity.

Anyways, when I got home I didn't even want to type on my computer, but I am (it is currently Tuesday evening). So here is what you get for today (or tomorrow rather, Wednesday morning).
More Veranda goodness.

Why is it that just when I was starting to forget about Europe and adjust back to my reality I turned the page to see this.

Hot guy with a dog in the country side of Bruges that just so happened to restore a gorgeous home.

And he has a chicken, or Rooster or Hen, whatever that thing is. Not the point. Look at the floor! And the Hydrangeas.

Then there is a little LA (which is coming up on my travel calendar for the 4th of November)

I don't even know how to express my undying love for this.

The marble.
The tile.
The wide plank floors.
The calming colors.
The eclectic mix of chairs that are supposed to say "I didn't try" when we all know that they actually scoured the world to find a perfect mix.

Oh, no worries, I am not done sexing your eyes up with invitations of "Come hither, your life will be calm and perfect and everyone will want to come to your house but you can say no and be alone with Twilight."

I could just take the ottoman and be happy. Forever.

Enjoy dreaming of that. Or James if that's your thing.
Meanwhile, I'll be trying to get my sports bra off without alerting the neighbors with my blood curdling screams.

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