Tuesday, January 26, 2010

window to the world

Fortunately I have a window next to my nicely decorated (2 photos and a calendar) cube. However, some are less fortunate than I.

Fear not!You too can gaze at the freedom of the outside world while chained to your anti-posturepedic rolling chair under the flicker of fluorescents.

This 17" H by 16" w mental escape can be yours for the bargain price of $29. (not kidding)

So far this morning I have balanced my check book (off by 132.08), booked a flight to Houston for March, ordered some new tinted moisturizer from Saks, printed a Memo and sent it off to the officer on the account (the only work work I have done), and fallen in love with a new blog http://www.peppermintbliss.com/

For those of you that enjoy design, this could be a great escape. Some of my favorites follow below:

Future plans for the day? Hmmm, maybe a trip to the vending machine or re-tabbing of my file folders. Stay tuned...things could get WIIIILD!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Therapy or Entertainment

Intended to alleviate stress from my male dominated cubicle hell (hence the blog title- thanks Liz) , I decided to join my fellow bloggers. Didn't realize just how stressful picking a name AND template would be. In any case, with the encouragement from Sarah W. and creative genius from Liz, I begin...

I would describe my working world as cubicle hell. I am the only female and as God likes to play jokes, I am the youngest. Let me start by introducing the players as they will frequently be referenced:

J- oldest, mature, married
W- mid 20s, partier, loves augmentation ;)
D- engaged, cute baby, no filter
K-yet to hear him say an ugly word about anyone
R- like a brother, native to the city, loves to take bites from everyone else's meal
B- bar tender on weekends, tat on leg, closest to me in age
C- some might recognize him as "Texas"...very biased towards him
S- immature, creepy drunk dialer

I usually spend my 8.5 hours reading news online and defending my Memphis accent (which i had no clue even existed).
I have learned what lots of things in boy language mean (ie-facial) and discovered that while HR is only one floor up, nothing seems to be off limits.
ex: After leaving K and C's apartment (where most of us eat lunch) and getting into the elevator, R (who is hungover and recently heartbroken after 6yr relationship) announces "I could really use a good BJ." I immediately responded with a "Not it," similar to how family responded to the phone ringing while growing up.

Apparently there are minimal boundaries if any. Therefore, I introduce to you 'Cubicle Sanity' in a desperate attempt to entertain myself while trying to avoid spending excess $ on therapy.