Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Penelope and Merchants River House

Right as I am starting to get settled into the week it is time for me to leave again!
Such a strange feeling.

This past weekend in NYC was fabulous. I could not have imagined a better trip.

After a NIGHTMARE of a flight (Thank you Continental/United) on Thursday evening, we arrived at Courtenay's apartment at nearly 2 am.

Friday morning was gorgeous so what better way to start the day than with a jog through Central Park. We ran for an hour while taking in all the sites, sounds, and smells.

Can you imagine if this was part of your morning routine?

After grabbing a coffee and showering up we headed to lunch at Penelope.

This is such a quaint little spot with what I considered a "shabby chic" feel.

The food wasn't half bad either ;)
I enjoyed the brie and apple sandwich on toasted multi grain bread with honey mustard. Yea.

Unfortunately we were too late for the brunch menu but we did get a little extra surprise as we were walking in...Bravo was filming for their new "reality" show. I had to sign a waiver and get my photo taken in case I am on TV shoving my food in my face. Nice image huh.

Anyways, if you are headed to NYC and a looking for a cute spot to grab brunch/lunch then head to Penelope for sure.

Another spot to stop by is Merchants River House.

It is located right on the Hudson with the best views.

This place was small and cozy with a casual crew (all waiters had jeans and white shirts).

We accidentally found this one while strolling along the river. I had to use the ladies room and stopped in here really quick. I felt guilty so I ordered a glass of wine and ended up staying there for about an hour and a half just chatting and watching all the people walk by and the boats on the water.

Don't you love it when that happens?!
FYI the steamed mussels looked and smelled pretty killer.

Friday evening in NYC recap tomorrow...

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