Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Now THAT'S Camping

The Glam Camping Company know how to "tickle my fancy."

And with Fall weather finally hitting Houston I can't think about anything better than being outside ALL DAY.

And how is that supposed to change after finding this beauty!?

Someone FINALLY figured out how to get a classy, luxury-loving girl into the woods for a weekend. 

Now, I've camped before (recall my Ghostland weekend trips) but set me up with these digs and you might not be able to get me back home.

Picture above screams bottle of red wine and cashmere wrap. No?

 Or if you are feeling a little playful (or have little nuggets to think about) they offer some pretty whimsical options as well.

UGH, get me out of this beige office and into this life!