Thursday, November 3, 2011


Friday night in New York I was surprised with tickets to this

This is a big deal because I was supposed to go see The Phantom of the Opera in 6th grade with my friend Ashley but I came down with an awful stomach virus and couldn't go. I was heartbroken and had never seen it since then.

I was feeling very sassy and uber NYC chic.

Our tickets were the BOMB!

Yea, that would be box seats babies!

After the show we snapped a few pics in Time Square

(Whitney and John in case you were confused and thought I had a wardrobe change)

then headed to this A-MAZING spot called Alta.
This atmosphere was so sexy with dim lighting and beautiful NY people and WINE!
Literally the wine list that night was a front and back legal size sheet of paper.

So basically you just order a million small plates and all pass them around, or that's what we did.
I tried to steal a menu but our waiter wasn't impressed when I told him I have a blog :( but lucky for y'all it is online.

Here is just a preview of what we ordered. EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, we ordered was out of this world delicious.

By the end of the meal I "grew a pair" and stole the dessert menu!

Unfortunately we did not order anything but next time.

After dinner we headed to the lower east side to meet up with my friend Colin at this weird bar.
I saw weird because upstairs was a Russian Dance bar and downstairs there was a sparkly crazy dance floor with poles and lights where this happened

oh yea, naked silver manikins everywhere.
It. Was. Awesome.

We danced until 5 am when the bar kicked us out and then tried to make it back home.

We did not end up biking but did take a gypsy cab. Those people are TERRIBLE drivers and I never want to get in one of those cars again!

All in all, TOP NIGHT!

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Erin said...

Your outfit is KILLING me. I love every bit of it- especially the belt and boots!