Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well Played Sir

Manfriend and I celebrated Valentine's on Sunday night.
I wasn't going to post anything about our evening because he is very particular about his privacy....I think he thinks that one of y'all is crazy and is going to come and get him....I know, right.
Anyways, I just couldn't not brag on him and wanted to show you what he walked in my door carrying
One of my favorite flowers are Hydrangeas and look how creative my Manfriend (plus florist) was.
We were running a bit late for dinner so I stuck them in refrigerator and we headed out.

When I got home from a lovely date with my best friend, I broke them down into two vases.
I stuck a few roses in a pretty bud vase and put them beside my bed.
The rest of the flowers went into a low round vase on top of my shelves in the living room.

Oh, and did I mention that they smell amazing?!
He did good. Well  played sir.

UPDATE: Monday night while working on wedding decorations for my sister's party...
Manfriend surprised me with these!!! My very first pair of boots. I am officially a Texas girl.
I was in my pjs so this is all I could give y'all. He is the best best best best best....


Katie Farris said...

I have those same boots!!! Love them. And they were my first pair ever too. I got them right before our Houston trip last year. :)

Design Elements said...

cool boots! lovely greetings