Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Can't Live Without While Traveling III

Hi lovelies! I am Elizabeth from Life with Elizabeth and I am guest posting for Sarah while she is enjoying a fabulous trip in the UK. For those of you who have never visited my blog, here’s what you need to know: I’m a Southern Belle displaced in Hoboken, New Jersey, a lover of shoes, white wine, and Skinnygirl margaritas, and my current passions include planning my August 2012 wedding to my incredible fiancĂ© and learning my way around New York City.

Sarah asked me to do a little post of things I “Can’t Live Without While Traveling.” I love to travel, both international and domestic. I studied abroad in Italy my junior year of college. I learned a thing or two about travel necessities from that trip.

Me and my roomies in Firenze - that’s Florence for anyone who didn’t take Intro to Italian pass/fail like I did ;)

One: iPhone
After an unfortunate experience wandering the streets of Italy alone, I promptly activated international calling on my phone. Its available all the time but I’m only charged when I use it – now I can make calls and most importantly use the maps feature. If I’m traveling in the states, I still love being able to stay connected to the world at home(and my email, facebook, blogger accounts).

Two: Travel adapter for heated appliances
I am unapologetically girly. I traveled to Italy with a travel adapter that worked for many things (charging my camera, for example). I was not aware, however, that a special adapter was needed for my hair dryer and straightener. Neither did my five roommates. And my non-English speaking host mama was not pleased when we flipped the breaker in her house three separate times trying to get our hair styling tools to function. Unless you want to 1.) Blow up your $100 Chi straightener and be forced to buy a replacement from a street vender or 2.) Have permanent bad hair throughout your trip – you should invest in this little gem.

Three: Camera (and an extra battery pack)
I love my new Cybershot DSC-570 from Sony. It takes the best pictures and is a must for traveling. In fact, I carry it everywhere with me in my purse.

Four: Mary Kay Oil Blotting Cloths
A day of sight-seeing in the sun or being stuck under an umbrella throughout a humid rain storm is bound to leave my nose and forehead looking a little oily by dinnertime. When I’m busy, I may not have time to reapply my makeup. I love these little oil blotting cloths because they make my makeup feel fresh again. And anyone who knows me  knows I’m not about to have dinner with anyone with my makeup looking a mess. Want some for yourself? Visit my <a href="">website.</a>

Five: Hand-sanitizer
When I’m out and about I always like to keep a mini hand sanitizer on hand. When I stop for a quick meal or decide to have a pastry as an afternoon snack, I don’t have to worry about the million things I’ve touched while out sightseeing.

Six: My cleanser and moisturizer
That 3oz rule at the airport is killing me! Throughout the winter and spring I was traveling about every two or three weeks. And let me tell you – this sista cannot afford the $50 checked bag fee on that frequency. If you have to cut back on liquids of any kind on your trip, don’t skip the cleanser and moisturizer. Traveling can dry your skin out so you’ll need the moisturizer and changing cleansers abruptly can cause your skin to break out (and I’m not having that in any of my vacation photos)

That’s all ladies! Want to read more of my take on traveling? Check out my post on <a href="">travel etiquette.</a> Happy traveling!

xoxo, Elizabeth

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Ashley Brooke said...

great tips! i completely agree, i couldn't live without these essentials either :)