Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Can't Live Without While Traveling II

Hi all. Sarah here in an internet cafe in Dun Laoghaire. Sorry for such a late post today but I have had an interesting time with my blogger the past few days. Anyways, today's post is from my virtual friend Kindra. She has been so sweet and patient with me today from the other side of the Atlantic so please take a moment and check out her cute post and then go visit!

Happy Tuesday!

I'm Kindra and you can visit me here! I'm filling in for Sarah today while she is off having a great time in the UK! And by the way I am sooo jealous as I sit here at my desk and dream of being away! However I was so excited when she asked me to guest blog and why not write about travel?

I for one loveee to travel! I am always thinking of a new place to go. Though, since I started a new job in April I haven't been anywhere since my trip to NYC in March. Since I can't take any vacation until January I can just dream of my next destination! Here are a few necessities I MUST have while traveling:

Travel Attire

1. I always take my Northface Backpack and a cute purse! Most of the time I stuff the purse into the backpack so it is 1 carryon!

2. Ipod-I must have music! Especially if I am sitting next to a chronic snorer or screaming child.

3. Comfy shoes...a must.

4. A gossip mag. I need to keep up on my celebrity news.

5. Blackberry-gotta have communication!

6. My RayBans-especially if I am sitting next to the window and it's super sunny.

7. A scarf. You can take if off and use as a light pillow or wrap it around to keep you warm.

8. A basic tee and jeans. You can always dress it up or down :)

A few places I want to visit and will hopefully some day:

Hawaii, Paris, Ireland, London, Chicago, Greece, and Fiji


I hope you enjoyed my travel talk! Have a great Tuesday and please visit me here!



Elizabeth said...

Great list of musthaves! I always take a backpack or large tote as my personal item, too! I can stuff my purse inside and still fit other stuff, too! xoxo

Emily said...

I love all of your travel items! I too need all of those things! I usually carry my biggest tote that I have plus my purse! I love wearing jeans and a comfy top to travel in!