Monday, September 5, 2011

Can't Live Without While Traveling I

Hi friends, I am bebopping around Dublin on this glorious Labor Day (actually it's raining).
While I am away I have such a treat for y'all. Honestly, it's a treat for me as well.
All this week I have 5 fabulous blogger guests that are going to give y'all the "run down" on what they "Can't Live Without While Traveling."

Up first is my dear friend and comedian in her own right, Katie.
Katie and I went to college together at Bama and were Delta sistas! She is fun and cute and recently joined the bloggesphere. Take it away Katie!

Can't Live Without While Traveling

Hello ladies and gents. My name is Katie from Life Lately. I was Sarah's sorority sister for four years at Alabama and currently live in Huntsville, Alabama. I am so excited that Sarah has invited me to guest blog while she is in LONDON. I would LOVE to go to London. I know she will have a blast. As you can see, the title of this post is "Can't Live Without While Traveling." I am going to share with you a few things I think are a necessity to have while on a trip.

1. A pashmina or cardigan.
I think it is so important to bring one of these because they are light weight, yet they are great when it gets chilly on the plane or in restaurants. (If you are anything like me, you are cold natured and most of your trips are centered around "Where are we going to eat?" so I visit MANY restaurants while vacationing.)

Look at Lindsay and her pashmina. SEE. She looks good. Told ya you should take one.

And now for the cardigan...

This girl is probably checking herself out in this picture. She knows she looks cute in her cardi.

And I like this one too.

2. An ipod/Playlist

I love to listen to music on the plane, on the beach or before I go to sleep. Bringing an ipod is also a good idea because it drowns out all of the unpleasant noises. The old man snoring on the plane, the woman that coughs too much because she has been smoking for 50 years, the baby that will not stop crying, and the girl next to you who wants to find out every detail of your life (kinda sounds like me). Just don't turn it up TOO loud or you might miss the emergency sirens to grab your oxygen mask because the plane is about to crash. Then you might really be "Rollin in the deep." Love, Adele.

3. Camera
Duh. To take tons of pictures of the places you may never visit again. When you return, you can share these with your friends and family. Even "tag" them on Facebook. Or, use them to BLOG about your trip, which I am sure Sarah will do to make us all even more jealous than we already are.

4.Travel pillow
Travel pillows are great especially for the plane. They help you to not get a crick in your neck from leaning against the window for 7 hours. 

This man REALLY wishes he remembered his!

5. Cross body purse
You REALLY need to remember this. This is a necessity. When you have a cross body purse, you have both hands free without trying to make your purse stay on your shoulder all day. This way, you can hold a drink in one hand and a snack in the other. :) Orrrr, you can hold a drink in one hand and flip through a clothes rack with the other. There are MANY possibilities. And your purse will be out of your way.

6. Snack pack
ALWAYS bring snacks. You never know when you are going to get that craving and all Delta has to offer are peanuts on the plane. Or what if you are in the hotel room starving and room service is taking too long? You may even want to put a couple of snacks in your purse for a long day on the town with so much sight-seeing to do there is no time for lunch. Yea right

Because the sun might be too bright. Or because you don't feel like wearing make-up. You can put sunglasses on to cover up how beautiful you are. No one deserves to see.
Here are a picture of my sunglasses. I know they are not STYLISH. That's o.k. They WORK.

Well, this concludes my post. I hope that when you travel, you will consider taking one of the things that I can't live without. I promise you won't be sorry. 
Have a wonderful week. Check out my blog Life Lately and follow!

Love from down South,

Thanks Katie for taking the time to pop over and blog for me while I am gone.
Y'all head over to Life Lately and check out all she is dishing out!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for another special blogger guest.
Loving the UK,


Kindra said...

i agree! i have to have my snacks, ipod and camera!

Elizabeth said...

I love my around the neck pillow for long flights! Especially overnight flights so that I can get a good nights' sleep before sightseeing. Totally agree that sunglasses, iPod, and snacks are a must!