Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blessings Runneth Over

The Lord has  been on my side lately y'all.

A few weeks ago I flew to Denver to meet my momma. We were headed to Breckenridge to find a place to stay during the Christmas Holiday. We were planning a family vacation so we could all spend time with my brother before he is deployed.

Before I continue, here are a few snap shots of the trip.

(view from my morning tea and toast)

(view from lunch at Queen's Cafe)

(view while walking around town)

So, our trip was gorgeous and Mom and I had such a nice time together.

The day after my mom dropped me off at the airport she and my father were in a scary wreck on the highway totaling their car. 
Long story short, everyone is fine minus some bumps, bruises, scratches and emotions. 
Blessed that I got to here the story from them and not some unknown voice over the phone.

So, back up a bit....
We were planning a trip before my brother deployed.

He is a Marine and is handsome and strong and loving. And bless the little girl who tries to tell me she is good enough for him.

He was set to begin all his pre-deployment mess in January and would be gone from then until returning in 2013 from Afghanistan. 
Well, yesterday my mom called me and sounded like she had something exciting to say. 
Man did she. 
My Marine's deployment to Afghanistan is canceled.
Blessing. Blessing. Blessing.
I don't know too many details right now but I am so thankful and there is a new kind of peace in my heart that has been missing for the past few months.

So many great things happen to me and for me daily.
And so many times I forget to share them and to be honest, many times I forget to give thanks to God.
But not recently, recently I am thanking Him every chance I get.

What are you thankful for?

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Cat @Perpetual Perfection said...

SARAH! That is such fabulous news! I am so thrilled for you and your family!!

I am thankful for our armed forces that keep us safe everyday! Also, WAY thankful for your brother keeping the dream of "hot man in uniform" alive. Well done!

Hope I see you in Houston soon!