Friday, August 19, 2011

Keep the "Assets"

Wednesday I went to the YMCA.
Pretty normal.

But this time I filled out a request form for a personal trainer. 
I just need someone once a week to show me some more complicated weight training. 
Come on, we all know how to do a bicep curl but how do we take it up a notch without adding weights?
That is what I am hoping they can teach me.

Of course they ask me "What is your goal?'

So I answered as honest as possible

Sarah: "Well I want to be strong but slim down. But I don't want to loose my curves either. Think Beyonce, Jessica Biel, Kim know, keep the assets but slim and tone."

(Blank stare from trainer)

But for real. They are rocking it.

We have another friend's wedding this weekend.

Will update you on all the shenanigans next week.

Happy Friday 


Katie Farris said...

I said the same thing during my "fitness assessment at the gym", and he proceeded to pinch the fat off of my arms, thigh, and stomach to help me determine what my goals should be. Traumatized. No more personal trainer visits for me. Ignorance (and giggle) is bliss.

Katie Farris said...

Btw, is that spelled jiggle? Giggle? You know what I mean!

Elizabeth said...

Haha! This is exactly what I told my personal trainer!