Thursday, July 7, 2011

Doin' the Charleston

So now that I have settled back into the monotony of my "real world" working life, I can update you on my two-ish fabulous days in Charleston over the Holiday weekend.

Manfriend and I flew into Charleston on Friday evening and were greeted by my brother-in-law. 
Sister was back at the house preparing a feast for the weary travelers.

We stayed in Isle of Palms at a friends house right across from the beach, I know, hard life right.

On the top of our list of touristy events was a carriage tour.
We used Carolina Carriage and Polo Company and were lucky to have Patrick school us on the homes on the Battery.

So much of Charleston reminds me of New Orleans, particularly the older grandiose homes and their deep porches.

We learned that all those to-die-for shutters were to keep gentlemen walking by from seeing the lady of the house on the porch with her ankles showing. 
Women would sit on their porches "exposed" trying to catch a breeze from the North and if men saw their ankles they could be challenged to a dual to the death. But, if the woman was single then the man had to ask her out. Get this, if he saw her ankle 3 times he had to propose. Ha, if only we could rope them in that easy these days...

We passed this little pavilion that is one of the top places in Charleston for those tying the knot. Interestingly enough, this location was the prime spot for mass hangings during slavery....don't think I'll be tossing the bouquet there.

After an hour of dream homes and boob sweat, I thanked Cooper for the hospitality and headed to High Cotton for Brunch.

After brunch we walked around King Street and headed towards College of Charleston Campus

The entire campus is like this moss covered wonderland of old historic homes and buildings.

Look how tiny Manfriend looks.

And baby if my dogs weren't barking after 5 hours of 100 degree heat and walking.
So, I slurped down this little number from Kaminsky's

That's what they call a Sugar Daddy and by golly if it doesn't have enough sugar and caffeine to send you on a 2 mile sprint. But it was delicious and the jitters were worth it.

The next morning after beach jog and smoothie breakfast, we all piled in to the car and headed back to the City. 
We had learned about the Calhoun Mansion on our carriage tour but we really wanted to check out the gardens.

Not too shabby of a back yard either

Props to the dress for the prego illusion wtf?!

Just a few minor fountains, statues, know, the norm.

Then we were off towards Marion Square and dinner at 39 Roue de Jean.
The 30-ish minute walk wasn't too shabby

Rue de Jean was highly recommended by Patrick (carriage tour man-full-a-knowledge)

He said they have the best mussels and scallops in town.
And while we waited, we entertained ourselves a bit.

In true Forbis Family fashion, we were all members of the clean plate club. And in my case, empty wine bottle society...which made for an interesting and l.o.n.g. walk back to the car.

Waterfront park is one of my favorite spots in Charleston and happened to be our half way stop on the way back from dinner. Not to mention it produces some pretty romantical photos.

The Marine doesn't mess romantic.

 Nothing like a cool fountain to dunk those sausage feet in at the end of a long weekend.

And there you have it.
 A little romance, a few meandering miles, and a pound of butter.

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Elizabeth said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time! Charleston is one of my favorite places. I love the history, the hospitality, and the food! Btw, all of your pictures are gorgeous!