Friday, July 8, 2011

Refuge From The Storm

Wednesday we were blessed with some rain. PRAISE.
Instead of heading to the couch, I met some girlfriends at a little bar called

As a first timer, I was pretty impressed.

The three partners are known for "fashioning their cocktails with pride" as they were done in the "era when bartending was a respected profession that took years of apprenticeship."

They feature an always-changing selection of beers and specialty drinks and it just so happens that right now they are featuring creations from the South.

While attempting to translate each concoction to decide which to choose, my friend from North Carolina pointed out this little tid-bit

I circled in pink just in case you are thick-headed.

Whoop Whoop! Now that's a shout out if I've ever seen one.

I didn't order the Ethel Groves but I kept it Southern with the Georgia Mint Julep. 

How else are you supposed to spend a rainy Hump Day?

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