Thursday, June 9, 2011

Failure to Launch Creative Juices

I have been such a failure lately.

I have failed at reading my favorite blogs. I have failed at posting on my own. I have failed at working out. I have failed at drinking enough water. I have failed at praying. I have failed at getting out of bed in the morning. I have failed at doing laundry. I have failed at keeping my apartment clean.

What haven’t I failed at? Work.

I have become “that girl.” That girl that stays at work until 7, 8, 9 at night. That girl that doesn’t take a lunch break. That girl that talks to her Manfriend about work after finally getting home from work….

About a month ago I got a promotion (praise). And about a week ago I got a raise to go with that promotion (about freaking time). And it feels good. It does. I am adding value and feel important and manage a $146 million portfolio and blahblahblah. But I am missing out on happy hour (I need booze to survive people). And had to buy clean undies because I hadn’t done laundry in so long. And have eaten peanut butter and banana sandwiches for the past 3 days for lunch. Did I mention I am tired and my hair looks like crap and I haven’t gotten a manicure (which I used to do at lunch time) in a long time.

But what am I telling you people all of this for?

Because I need inspiration. I need a magic fairy that will send me links and emails to gorgeous photos that will get my creative brain rolling.

I need someone to give me first hand ideas that will skyrocket me to success.

I need someone who will charge my comp for me at night while doing my laundry. 
Let’s be real, I need to win the lottery so that I can have a full time staff.

My appreciation for working mother’s has for sure grown in the past month. I don’t know how yall do it and I am not looking to find out right now but I applaud you…..Now give me some of whatever you are taking!

Images via SMP, NestEgg, Southern Living, La Delce Vita and EffortlessStyleAtHome


Jenna said...

I totally know how you feel-- but congrats on the promotion!! Hang in there and make sure to take at least 20 minutes for lunch-- I'm always tempted to work through so I can "be more productive," but if you get the quick mani or even go outside to grab the sandwich, you'll be way more relaxed and less stressed, which always helps me stay focused and get more done.

Anonymous said...

you're no failing, you're job is failing you. managing a 146mm portfolio? you're far too ambitious for that.

quit your job. get uncomfortable. move somewhere incredible. find your passion. execute.

i owe you a call. will do soon.

- colin

Stacie Jean said...

Kudos to you for being young, motivated & successful....however I agree make sure you're taking time out for YOU. Take some downtime to get the stuff done in your personal life to feel more balanced. Gosh....this post made me realize how I feel like I'm failing at everything too but then I'm feeling a little bit of a failure because you're rocking the success at work. Maybe I need a new job.... :/

Amber Ashleigh said...

Will you remind me of this when I find myself in this spot a few months from now? I'm already failing at blogging, working out, eating right, etc. and I'm not even working yet. Epic fail. While all things should be balanced, there is a season for everything...meaning, there is a time to focus on work for a spell, there is a time to focus on health and beauty for a spell, there is a time to focus on writing and organization for a spell. Each week has a different focus, and that's just the circle of life (cue the lion king soundtrack). Keep on keepin' on lovey.