Friday, June 10, 2011

Skinny B*tch

When I was in college I picked it up


and didn't eat anything remotely bad for me for nearly 10 days.
In college....with "Fried Friday".
And beer.
And pizza.
And pita, the list goes on.

But because I have been failing at life lately, particularly in the "good for my body" chapter, I decided that I needed to pick it up again and revisit these two sexy, sassy, skinny sistas.


Y'all read this one? 
Change your lifestyle?

They tell it like it is and cuss and sass and I like it. A lot. 

And I haven't had meat in 5 days.
And my tummy be lookin flatter!

Happy babes and bellies,

1 comment:

Stacie Jean said...

Um. Dude. I did the EXACT same thing in college and completely freaked out and didn't eat for like 2 weeks because I was terrified. Actually....a re-visit for me could be in order as well...I'm feeling a little chubby wubby. Too many chocolate croissants.