Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And the bumps just keep on coming is a guilty pleasure of mine. 

I spent Saturday morning curled up in front of Food Network while clicking through photos from the life of  the rich, famous, and preggers.

I'm just happy to see that Posh Spice has put on a few lbs...sister was starting to look scary. 

Sometimes it's just nice to live vicariously through your friends. 

Speaking of living vicariously through friends, my girl Kim K is flashing a pretty banging rock

Um yea. 

photos via

Happy "Bump" Day

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Elizabeth said...

Seems like being preggo is the in thing right now!

That's one fashion trend I won't be following any time soon! But I am excited to see some new celebrity babies! And the baby names :)

Loving Kim's ring as well.