Thursday, May 12, 2011

And All The Jazz...

As promised, a few pictures from my trip tp New Orleans this past weekend.
Manfriend and I boarded the 8:35 Southwest flight Saturday morning and landed in gorgeous weather.

We headed straight to the Fair Grounds for all the action.
We probably stopped at Rite Aid for a few mini adult beverages.
That's right, Rite Aid. Because they sell booze there.
I used to live in walking was dangerous to my waistline.
And my liver.
It was New Orleans.


I got to hang out with some of the people I miss the most.

My TJMaxx and movie date Katie

A few Bro-mance dudes

Saturday night we went to one of our old hangouts, Fat Harry's.
Look how cute Manfriend and I are.
Notice the Chanluu bracelet?
I got a major tan line and had to wear it until today.

Monday afternoon we both had lunch with our old friends from WN Bank.
Then headed to the French Quarter.

Duh. Wouldn't be a trip to NOLA without some of these babies.

Then I returned the rental car, nearly cussed the lady out, got to the airport, discovered my flight was 3.5 hours delayed.....I'll stop there.

Actual travel aside, trip was great.
Made me miss that place and my playmates.

That is all for now.

TTYL Babes.

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