Friday, May 13, 2011


I have relocated offices.

Oh dream on people.

Yep, that's more like it.
Builder beige walls with nothing on them, for now at least.
The only window is to the hallway, which basically means I am in a little fish bowl.
Or a cell.

I'll choose to think of it as a fish bowl.
At least then it is closer to being here

But I am not.
I am in "Builder Beige Hell."

The problem is that I am not allowed more than two personal items.
So I can't spruce the place up.

But oh baby if I could!

But then again, those wouldn't be very "Number crunching financial genius banker" conducive would they?

But the main point in me telling you all this is that now everyone that walks by my fish bowl can see everything that I am doing = no more blogging on the boss's time allowed.

That means I can't look at and comment on your blogs as frequently either.

I am scared.

I don't like staring at computers all day and then going home and neglecting Macdaddy. I don't. But I can't imagine more than 9 hours a day infront of a comp.

We will see.
This is going to take some adjusting.

In the mean time, I am headed to the lake in search of a real tan.
No more of this spray tan bullsh*t.

Image via Domino, Decorista, Coastal Living


Amber Ashleigh said...

Not Builder Beige!! My greatest fear. I'll be moving into a cloth cubicle in about a month...oh joy. We will have to find a way to keep each other sane. I pray that I'll be allowed more than TWO PERSONAL ITEMS?!?! That's ridic.

Keeping up with Kindra said...

haha i loved this post! i am with you sister-at my new job my computer faces both of my bosses so i have to be descrete when looking or even trying to blog! at my last job i kinda blogged all day!

have a good weekend!