Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NYC Part I

How much fun did I have last weekend in NYC?

Well, let's just say that one glass of wine wasn't sufficient to cure my blues.

Now, one bottle....that did the trick.... for a few hours anyways.

I arrived in NYC late Thursday night and was greeted by my Court in her Bama Rose Bowl sweatshirt.
Friday I had a good amount of time on my own so I wondered around and snapped a bunch of pics. It was raining all day and FA-Reeezing. 
What better way to warm up then to try and find Chuck Bass?

It just so happened that the restaurant I was meeting my friend Colin at was right around the corner from The Palace. Please, like I didn't already look like a tourist...had to take a pic.

 After lunch I was heading to Bergdorf and passed this

I think it was Vodka but I couldn't figure it out. 
But if it is Vodka, that is a very happy sight.

What's that look like?
Were you thinking boobies? Well, you're a pervert. 
They look like two eyeballs duh!

 These were pretty cool too

 I was getting really nervous because the sales associate was following me around so my flash was off

And then I came across these suckers

That would be a chalkboard candle

And why didn't I think of this?

I mean really?! These things are selling in Bergdorf! UGH. I could be rich if only I had been first!

 Then I met Court and we headed to Mary Poppins

It was so cute. And much to the dismay of those around me....I sang.

Aren't you jealous?! 

Goodnight (bc I am writing this on Tuesday night) I have to go cry now.


Liz said...

you are so presh! hope you and court had fun!

Cat said...

UGH! I want to go to New York! AND! Any chance you're going to come to Tuscaloosa this weekend??