Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Zac Brown Band

St. Patrick's Day, yea, like 3 weeks ago, Manfriend and I went to see Zac Brown Band play at the Rodeo.

We have a lot of cute friends.

Those two on the left are pretty cute and I guess they think we are kinda cute too because they invited us to go with them. They even let us sit with them.

Marilee and I did not particularly care for this photo but after the random limo guy attempted to take it with the lens on and the power off, we decided to say thanks and press on.

In case you were wondering, he was not OUR random limo guy.

Zac Brown was awesome.
I cried during"Free."
Sure did.

Marilee gave up processed food for Lent so she had a pretzel for dinner. 
I gave up flour so I had an extra-ginormo-econo-size tub of buttery popcorn.

That is all....I had a pretty bad headache the next day.

Happy late St. Patrick's Day.

Something C-C-Crazy happened and this thing posted in March 2001...I was a Freshmen in High school (I think) then....whatever


Cat said...

Ah! Love it!

Amber Ashleigh said...

Um hello future triple date couples! I see some summer concert outings in our future...agree? Just a few more months! CRAZY.

Stacie Jean said...

I love Zac Brown Band, I've been wanting to go see him, he's from GA & all...Apparently he puts on impromptu shows from time to time. I love all of his music!!