Thursday, April 7, 2011


Saturday morning in NYC was beautiful.
I jumped on the Subway and headed to lower Manhattan to see where the new WTC is being built.

I was shocked at how far along they are with all the construction.

I also wanted to see the memorial wall

I just so happened to be there at the same time as all these men in uniform.

I couldn't figure out what they were doing for the longest time.
But they were all so young and some favored my brother.

Then I peaked a little closer and saw this

The wall is pretty long and quite beautiful

 The second half of my day involved this trendy dude, a few $12 dollar beers, and lots of tight baseball pants.
That is Colin. He is my friend and if you are in NYC and want a cute friend-boy let me know. I got the hook up.

My friend Joe helped us get tickets to the first game of the season.
We had pretty bad a$$ tickets too.

 And it was the perfect way to spend such a gorgeous Spring afternoon.

Been to Yankee Stadium?
Who is your favorite player?

After $36 worth of beer I was totally digging on this babe


 My bad.

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Stacie Jean said...

1. Brett Gardner is hot.
2. I need a cute friend-boy when I visit NYC this fall. Hook a girl up! Hahaha.