Friday, March 4, 2011

Patience Is a Virtue

When it came to waiting on pictures from Sister's wedding, let's just say that I was not the most patient person in the world. I wanted instant results and wanted to share them all with y'all right away!
But that is OK. In the long run the wait was totally worth it.

I picked a few of my favorites that David and Andrea from Johnson Photography shot.


He sees her.

I love this shot with the sun setting in the background.

Very sassy, which I like because I don't get to see Sister being sassy too often.

The wedding ceremony was at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Charlotte and the stained glass (in background) was absolutely beautiful.

Sisters dancing and screaming. I believe this one was Journey.

When they left the reception, held at the Charlotte City Club, everyone held sparklers. Only bummer was that mine (because I was way at the end) were dead by the time they got to the end of the line. 

Mom and Dad saying goodbye.

There are like 800 more pictures on a disk for Sister and her husband to look at before I can get my sticky fingers on them. One particular that I am dying to see is Sister, Yours Truly, and my brother in his Marine dress blues. Gosh he is handsome!

Make sure and check back next of the bridesmaids and very talented photographer, Erin Parker Skinner, has shared some great pictures that she took of all the behind-the-scenes action...including my pink tissue paper balls that I made for the bridesmaids late night lingerie party.


PinkLouLou said...

this is a PRECIOUS post. :)

Cat @PerpetualPerfection said...

AH! SO beautiful! Makes me want to get married. Like today. Patience is a virtue. Truly.

Amber Ashleigh said...

Gorgemous pictures, bride, and maid of honor! Can't wait to see more! FYI I tagged you in my post today -

.dear.jenny. said...

love these pics. you look so happy! also, most adorable header ever!!!