Monday, March 7, 2011

Moody Monday

At Alabama there is a building called Moody Music Hall. 

I am going to try and take the advice of fellow bloggers and begin a series that y'all can count on each week. 
I have always loved music and so I am going to attempt "Moody Monday" in which I share a favorite tune from my past, current jam I am obsessed with, or lyrical ballad that makes me say "huh?"

Today I am starting with a song by Explosions in the Sky.
Pandora has been playing them a lot during my study nights at Barnes and Noble and I have really grown to appreciate their music. There are no lyrics but I usually find myself applying it to some memory of my life or just daydream with it in the background.....hmmm, maybe I shouldn't be studying to it...

Here is one of my favorites 

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