Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So What Wednesday

When visiting with my new virtual friends at Our Transatlantic Love,
I was turned onto Shannon's Blog and her little "So What" game she plays on Wednesdays.

I decided to play along, seeing that this Hump Day has been particularly daunting.

  • So what if I had a large slice of chocolate cake three days in a row this week and just googled what's on the menu at Dessert Gallery
  • So what if some days I would rather hibernate than face reality
  • So what if the people I work with make me want to scream profane words as loud as I can while stomping my feet like a little kid
  • So what if my belly dun-lapped over my pants today
  • So what if I H.A.T.E cold weather
  • So what if I still like Taco Bell even though their ground beef is like less than 40% real meat
  • So what if sometimes I put in Brokedown Palace just for an exhausting cry
  • So what that I would rather spend $$$$ on wallpaper than clothes
  • So what that I wear my jeans ___ times before I wash them
  • So what that I am terrible at flossing
  • So what if I'm 24 and have read the Twilight Saga twice and still expect Edward to walk into my office
  • So what if I like really, really, really big and voluptuous hair
  • So what if I lick the Polynesian sauce container from Chick-fil-a
  • So what if my southern twang comes out a little more with each sip/glass of wine
Link up to Shanon and play along.
It's exhilarating


Baily Jones said...

Your "So what if I like really, really, really big and voluptuous hair" reminded me of how PERFECT your curlers in your hair always were when we would all be getting ready at the DDD house.
Mine usually turn into a big birds nest on my head ;)

Shannon said...

GIRL I barely EVER wash my jeans, it's ok! unless they are smelly or dirty i don't see the point. i hate when they shrink, yes they shrink i'm not getting fatter, promise!