Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Balls In Your Court

Cake Balls, that is

This is one of the easiest recipes, a bit time consuming, but easy.
I made them for our company Thanksgiving lunch and they were a HUGE hit.

1 box cake mix (any kind you like)
1 can icing (any kind you like)
1 package bark coating/candy bark

Prepare the cake according to the box directions
After finished cooking, allow to cool for at least 20 minutes.
Once the cake is cool enough to handle, break it up into a large mixing bowl

At first I used my hands to break large chunks into the bowl.
After that, I used a fork. You could always use a food processor if you wish.

Add about 1/2-2/3 of the can of frosting to the cake and mix well.

Once I reached this point I stuck the bowl in the freezer to firm up
(only like 10 minutes or so)

Then I started to roll out all the balls.
At this point, you need to do one of two things:
1)open a bottle of wine
2) take a patience pill

When you have all of your 1-1.5 inch balls, allow them to harden in the freezer.
(like 30 minutes)
A few minutes before you take out the balls, break up your bark and melt it in a double boiler
(or 5 sec intervals in the microwave-in a micro safe bowl, duh)

Now is when I would put the bottle of wine away....

Using a spoon and fork, two spoons, toothpicks, your weapon of choice,
roll each ball around in the bark until completely coated.
This stuff dries super fast so once it hits your wax paper it will be close to finished.

Oh yea, lay out some wax paper for the balls to dry on...forgot that step.

After you finish having fun, cussing, threatening to quite half way, you are probably going to have a tummy ache from all the finger lickin' but stay strong because.....


You will have gorgeous balls ;)

I used a strawberry cake mix with cream cheese icing rolled in white choc bark
I also used a white cake mix, white icing and milk choc bark. 
I am not lying when I tell you that people were putting them in zip lock baggies to take home to their husbands, wives, kids....

FYI- they are small enough to eat more than one but don't go Ballistic (ha) because they are soo rich.

Happy Holidays 

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