Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Big Ole Howdy Country Texas Bday

Well, I didn't get any Champagne

but several salty margs at a sassy SURPRISE birthday whipped together by the Manfriend are a pretty niiiice substitute :)

That's right, a SURPRISE party for my first Houston birthday.
Nothing like sharing a few tequila con coffee, fajitas and margaritas with new friends.

And to make things even better, take a look at a few of my prizes

mmhmmm, that Hermes bracelet I had blogged about.
Nicely done gift giver. You take hints well.

Never dreamed I would start my Cutco collection at 24....
I don't hate it! Went home looking for things to cut, slice, dice, chop...

And what would a bday be without some s-s-s-sugar
of course Crave would put mini Kitchen Aid mixers on top.
I knew I liked them.

Wonder what will be in store for next year...
and I'm pretty confident I'll be around.

Especially now that I got these bad boys.
(blurred for you creepers)


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