Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I got to babysit this little chunk this past weekend.

His name is Buster and he is an old little man.
He likes to eat, sleep, eat and poop.

After three days with him I really started to miss my babies in Memphis.

We have two labs named Ella and Floyd.
Ella and very modest and quite the princess.

Her older brother Floyd is a fantastic swimmer and usually great at sharing.

I am dying to have a little baby of my own to come home to and snuggle
every night.

I really only have 2 criteria that I look at when making my decision of what kind of dog I want.....What do you look like when you are a baby and what are you gonna look like when you are a mature adult?

Below are a few pics of my future loved ones....

Come on, get out of here with those eyes!

This guy looks pretty loyal.

Never had a golden but this one could convince me.

Imagine this guy at the foot of your bed on a winter night...
won't need any flannel socks to keep your feet warm.

Heart melting yet?
Wimerianers have always appealed to me.

Just look at how happy this lover is!

Eat your heart out....this springer spaniel is dying for some TLC

German Shorthaired Pointers have always been around our hood too
You can see how this guy could melt the heart of a 60yr old ex football player right?

Get out of here you head-tilting-cutie

Never have met one of these but I'd take them both

And who doesn't love these little ladies?

Then there is the name...

I have always reserved George.
There is just something strong about a dog with a human name that I love.

What's your breed of choice?
How do you pick a name?

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