Monday, January 25, 2010

Therapy or Entertainment

Intended to alleviate stress from my male dominated cubicle hell (hence the blog title- thanks Liz) , I decided to join my fellow bloggers. Didn't realize just how stressful picking a name AND template would be. In any case, with the encouragement from Sarah W. and creative genius from Liz, I begin...

I would describe my working world as cubicle hell. I am the only female and as God likes to play jokes, I am the youngest. Let me start by introducing the players as they will frequently be referenced:

J- oldest, mature, married
W- mid 20s, partier, loves augmentation ;)
D- engaged, cute baby, no filter
K-yet to hear him say an ugly word about anyone
R- like a brother, native to the city, loves to take bites from everyone else's meal
B- bar tender on weekends, tat on leg, closest to me in age
C- some might recognize him as "Texas"...very biased towards him
S- immature, creepy drunk dialer

I usually spend my 8.5 hours reading news online and defending my Memphis accent (which i had no clue even existed).
I have learned what lots of things in boy language mean (ie-facial) and discovered that while HR is only one floor up, nothing seems to be off limits.
ex: After leaving K and C's apartment (where most of us eat lunch) and getting into the elevator, R (who is hungover and recently heartbroken after 6yr relationship) announces "I could really use a good BJ." I immediately responded with a "Not it," similar to how family responded to the phone ringing while growing up.

Apparently there are minimal boundaries if any. Therefore, I introduce to you 'Cubicle Sanity' in a desperate attempt to entertain myself while trying to avoid spending excess $ on therapy.

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