Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are You Hungry?

Before Thanksgiving my girlfriends in Houston were going on and on about the book The Hunger Games.

Honestly, I had never heard about it and I am not sure how that is possible. After some research I realized I was probably the only Twilight lover that had not been informed of this new craze.

This past Saturday morning I woke up early to drive the 7 hours to Mobile, AL to celebrate the marriage of a close college friend. Friday evening I was trying to decide on a book to download on my iPod for the upcoming haul. I have slowly been making my way through The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo during my lunch breaks and every now and then on the bike at the YMCA but I didn’t want to pay the $23.95 and only need half of the book. After minimal deliberation I was set on The Hunger Games.


I cannot begin to describe to you how awesome this book is. I found myself responding to the narrator and even crying, yelling, and laughing out loud as I was completely entranced by this story.

Sunday when I was returning from the extravaganza with a champagne headache and 4 different drink choices (why is it that when we are hung over one drink won’t due?), I qued up my iPod and returned to Panem. I made it about 45 minutes from Houston when the unthinkable happened………

Freaking battery died. The last 45 minutes were torturous and my mind wandered into every possible scenario that Katniss was going through without me. That’s right, I became so delusional that I was actually thinking the story was going on without me. That is how good this shiz is!

Any you know what makes it better? There is a movie. And it comes out right as I get settled in London. How perfect is that!

And even though I haven’t finished the story I am very opinionated about the trailer. My characters in my imagination are a lot different than who they have chosen but isn’t that why the book is always so much better? And who am I kidding, I will still go and still love it!

Long story short, if you haven’t read this what the heck are you waiting on!?

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My Life as A Plate said...

Totally Agree with you. I didn't get what the hype was about until I started reading. I am about to start the 3rd book!!! So fabulous cannot wait for the movie.