Friday, July 22, 2011

I Steal Paper Menus

Last Friday we headed to Austin to have a little party time before floating the river in New Braunfels.

After checking into our hotel we went to dinner here 

We were told by a friend to try it out.

(Scan of paper menu I took home with me. You're allowed to do it. I asked.)

Erin, Elizabeth, Manfriend and I sat outside on their cute little patio so we could get a good sweat in before consuming our body weight in yummy culinary delights.

Fist things first, cocktails.
Meish, our waitress, suggested that we order the Picture Room Punch.

It has 3 different alcohols which is why she (waitress) referes to it as the "Pantie Dropper Punch."

Side note: It started to rain after our starters so we moved inside. I ordered another "Pantie Dropper" from the man who delivered our dinner...he was not impressed and did not share Meish's humor..he was the general manager. My bad.

For starters we split the sauteed sweetbreads and the boiled oysters.
No, I did not eat the sweetbreads but the corn risotto was ah-mazing.
Yes, I ate the oysters...they don't have eyes so I don't really consider them meat.

Moving on (and inside where we sat in the actual "Picture Room") 

I chose the Olive Crusted Sea Scallops. Once again, no eyes people.
I decided to be the tipsy (that punch is a "sipper" fo sho) complicated girl and substituted the mussels for the risotto served with the Olive Oil Poached Branzino (that's a fish and it has eyes).

Meish: No problem chica.
Tipsey Complicated Girl: U da best babe.

On to dessert.
forgot to keep this menu :( but this is what it looked like

That is some kind of blueberry cake/tart a la mode. Don't recall the actual name.

That is a peach and whipped cream thing on top of a biscuit with biscotti crumbles. It was good but the biscuit was more like a scone and really crunchy and fell apart.
Go with the berry thing.

After dinner we met some friends at a bar and I kicked some random dudes bottom in Ski ball. Then Manfriend kicked my bottom in Ski ball.

"Whatever, this is lame. Where next?"

Luster Pearl to meet with more friends and some cousins.
They have food there too in case you are ready to eat again.

Which these two were.

Whatever, they can be mad at me for posting this but it could be worse...

Yep, that is some chick with serious swamp a$$. No, we did not know her. No, I did not introduce myself. We got a few good chuckles out of it. And I thought y'all would also.

Aren't I a good sharer?

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katiesmith916 said...

love all the classy food and drinks and then swamp bootay. looks like y'all had a blast! :) have a great week, cannot wait to hear about more adventures!