Thursday, May 19, 2011

Go Forth and Bake with Beans

Remember my post about black bean brownies?

Well I made them

And y'all, they are good.

My hips don't lie.

I made them for my friend's dinner party but I ate a few.
Had to sample one from every corner. You know, just in case.

Go here for the recipe.
Only 4 weight watcher points.
I cut them into 28 squares but the recipe says 4 points for one when cut into 20 squares.
I'm gonna round 2 for 4 points. 

Go forth and bake. 

Chocolate and Black Bean Kisses,

1 comment:

Stacie Jean said...

Hmmm....if you say so! Now I want to try & make them :) Can you taste the black bean bits at all?