Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wanna See Something Hot?

I thought so.

Ya see, I watched Country Strong the other night and fell in love.
Deeply. Hopelessly.

And if you have seen the movie then you probably have an idea of what you are about to see.

Feast your eyes friends.


But alas, his heart it set on another

But I guess I am OK with that.

She is one foxy lady

And I just don't think I can compete with this

I bow down gracefully.

And you might as well check his voice out.

Ahem, you're welcome.


Stacie Jean said...

Yum!! Thank you! I haven't watched this movie yet but its definitely on my list. I watched Burlesque last night and the boy in that movie got naked and it was a feast for my eyes!

Virginia said...

Oh my word. It's one thing that he's beauty for the eyes, but then he starts singing and I just hot!! He'd take you over Leighton in a second, you'd be the ca-uuutest couple :)