Friday, April 29, 2011

Travelin Freak Show

Not really freak show but I liked that as a title best. 
I love to travel. And man am I about to be traveling.

Tomorrow I am headed to Austin to hang out with some friends and attend a continuing education class.

Next weekend Manfriend has training in New Orleans so we are heading back almost 1 year to the date that I packed up my shiz and hit the road. Cross my heart, there will be a full, detailed recap on that trip. And it will probably involve some late night dance parties and cheese fries from F&Ms.

June is full of weddings and lake trips.
July, meh, not much.

Fast forward to September.

Ah, September.

That would be London.

And Dublin

And Glasgow

Castle Forbes in Aberdeen, Scotland

That's right friends.
Dad, Sister and I are headed 'cross the pond for 11 days to gallivant around, draw out the 'i's, drink pints and bond with each other.

We are starting our trip in London. Our plan is to hit Bath, Stonehenge, Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Aberdeen, then end up back in London.

I am in charge of the itinerary. That is where y'all come in.

Ya see, when I lived there I was in student housing and we stayed in hostels, therefore, I know zip, zilch, zero about hotels in any of these places.

Have you been? Where did you stay? What did you munch on? Favorite brewski?

Why am I sharing this with yall today?
Oh, I don't know.
Probably becuase I have been starring at pictures like this

and this

and some of these

Just trying to plan.
Because I am a planner.
To a fault.
That's what I do.


But sometimes I need help.
Like now.

And incase you get parched while you are helping me out this weekend, I got you this.

See, I'm thoughtful.

Connaught, Langham, Claridge's

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vojacque said...

wish i could travel somewhere, anywhere right now. but the thought traveling always gets me excited! have lots of fun!

ps. i love your image header -- similar to my cubicle! when i worked in a cubicle.