Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Perpetual Perfection

Cat at Perpetual Perfection is hosting a giveaway!

I just "met" cute Cat via a mutual friend and her blog is super cute. 
Head over and enter for a chance to win a Seda France 10th Anniversary Candle. 

I never win anything....OK, so I won $15 on a lottery ticket when I was living in New Orleans. But other than that, I really never win anything. 
Maybe you will have better luck than I.

And if you do, maybe you should stop and think to yourself "Self, wouldn't it be totally sweet and selfless of me to ship this over to Sarah?!" And then you can contact me and I will send you the address where I stay at.

Happy Hump Day and Good Luck!

Oh, and don't forget to tell Cat you heard about her via Cubicle Sanity.
That is all. 

1 comment:

Cat @PerpetualPerfection said...

Ah! Thank you so much! Really appreciate this!! Two shorts days until you know!