Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If I hadn't given up FLOUR

That's right.
I gave up flour for Lent.

I decided not to give up all carbs because let's face it-I am a thoughtful person. Thoughtful people do not subject those around them to hissing, stomping, b*tching.... and that is exactly what I would be doing if I didn't have one single carbohydrate at my finger tips. So I allowed myself Rice (and other whole grains that do not contain flour).

But let's face it. Week two is rough. It probably doesn't help that I have the "sads" because my parents left.

I am depressed today and want to eat depressed food.

What comes to my mind when I want depressed food?
Just a little thing I like to call "FLOUR."

So, today's post =

If I Hadn't Given Up Flour I Would Be Eating....

Blueberry and cream cheese stuffed french toast

Pizza. Duh.

Gooey gooey get ya some choc chip cookies

Cheddar cheese biscuits (smeared with butter)

Dessert Gallery French Vanilla cake

Um, creamy and cheesy pasta

McDonald's (2 for $1) baked apple pie
(yea, pretend you didn't know it was 2 for $1)

Cookies 'n Cream

I need shock therapy...or something.

What did you give up for Lent?
Having troubles yet?

(How do you feel about signatures btw? Ok, goodbye for reals.)


Mandy said...

oh. no. you're not allowed to have that many delicious looking pictures when I didn't give up flour for lent. My stomach actually growled when I went past the pasta, yum! I have a signature and I like it.

Cat @PerpetualPerfection said...

Wow! Sarah, I am so impressed. I just gained so much respect for you! Um, Jesus is definitely taking notice. Duh!

ifs ands & butts said...

Crazy girl! I am so impressed, keep it up! Giving up cheese was more than rough on a spring break trip...

Amber M said...

Kissing goodbye to carbs could NEVER happen in my life... I blame it on the fact that I am a long distance runner for fun, but it's truly and honestly because I couldn't function without the comfort that carbs provide at mealtime!

Just followed you and can't wait to see what other fun things you are doing in the not so distant future!