Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do As The Romans Do

Manfriend has been complaining.
Apparently the street light outside his room has been coming through the shutters and keeping him up at night.

So, as most girls that love design would, I suggested some drapes.

{enter scary/disgusted/insulted look on Manfriend's face}

Why are boys afraid of fabric?
In my opinion, a roman shade can be quite masculine.

Lets convince him that when done correctly, roman shades can be less "lady" and more "I am Man, hear me roar."

Can't remember originally...Elle Decor maybe? Anyone know? Help me out.

So Manfriend...what do you think?

Maybe in fabric like these

Bryant Avenue Stripe

Mariano Texture in Khaki

Roth Flaye Plaid

Roth Branford Check

Robert Allen Fluidity in Khaki

Trust me Manfriend, this could be a good thing.


Anonymous said...

My guy covers his bedroom window with a thick cubs blanket. I think most guys have this problem. I love drapes that you suggested. I think they look very manly!! ;)

Amber M said...

Oh my goodness... Did you just know that linens are the only thing that J and I can't even come close to agreeing on for our registry? He told me that he didn't care... But anything flowery, striped, checked, or plaid are nos. In fact, he seems to like vine-covered, leafy, blahness. Oh my what to do, what to do?

I may send him here to see how many a good pattern can be!