Monday, February 7, 2011

Sassy Crafty and Cranium Crunching

Lately I have been doing a lot of this
As I am studying for a certain Financial test that is supposed to prove that I am 100% genius and completely responsible and reliable.
Sounds pretty grown up huh?

Don't let it fool you though, my inner child comes out just to balance things a bit....and my inner child chooses to drink hot chocolate (with a large dollop of cool whip) as opposed to coffee.

This is one of the BEST treats (and only 1 ww point)!
I found some fat free, no sugar added kind and it is surprisingly delicious and doesn't taste watered down in the least.

After a few hours of cramming knowledge into my ever-growing cranium, I decided I needed a little sassy crafty time. 
(Enter texture scissors and glue stick!)
Several friends and family members have some bday excitment coming up and instead of shelling out $4 per card, I made my own

Please excuse the picture quality as my camera was dead (which is also crappy) and had to use my iPhone.

I have begun collecting stamps which is a lot of fun but can be dangerous as the 5 year old in me wants to stamp EVERYTHING in my apartment. Thankfully, I realized I was being a little aggressive with the inkpad and stopped myself before any real damage.

Do any of you make your own greeting cards? Any cute and cheap stamp places I should know about?

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Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

LOVE the creativity and I can empathise with your obsession for stamps! I have made a few cute cards lately (can be seen on my blog under present wrapping).

I cut out letters (first letter of the receiver's name) from cardboard and wrapped them in colourful gift wrap and tied them on to gifts with pretty ribbon - quick and easy (and you always know who the pressie is for!).

LOVE following your blog x