Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Double Vision

I was visiting Kirsten @ 6th Street Design the other day and gasped when I saw this picture she posted of Jess's home in Rue Magazine
Notice anything in particular?

Those are the same curtains that I have in my living room!

A lot of sweat and "select phrases" were exchanged during the cutting, pinning, and sewing of these bad boys when "Boss Lady" (my mom) was in town.

Think this means that Jess and I can be friends?
Virtual friends at least!


Amber Ashleigh said...

Oh my gosh Sarah!! Holy moly, I LOVE your curtains! Now that I know you have sewing skillz and fabulous taste, I'm going to have you help me make some curtains once I get down to H-town! The chevron is ah.maze.ing. Love you!

Sarah said...

I will be thrilled to help! Btw- you are up a bit early there college senior....Tuesdays must be early mornings for you.

Madi said...

If I wasn't getting married.. I would for sure have these in my cute girlie apartment!

Love your blog! Love that you are in Houston!!! When Amber gets here we should all go out for a drink one night!