Thursday, January 20, 2011

Townhouse Fit For a Queen

Well, this queen anyways.
Meet Bita Daryabari. She is gorgeous, looks sassy and she has a fabulous 7 story, 5 bedroom Historic Townhouse in London.

And it looks like this....

That is a Picasso btw...she has one in her San Fran home also....yep

yellow drapes never looked so good

I bet she cooks every meal.....and wears that outfit while doing it.
Doubt It

Not as impressed with the master bedroom as I am the master bath...

umm, hello! Walls sheathed in Calcata Marble!

Please don't stop there...put some Jerusalem stone and marble under my cold toes-ies please

I bet the little chunks who stay here are C.U.T.E.

Not so sure a lot of playing goes on in this "playroom."

Bita, sister, we need to meet for tea.

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