Monday, October 4, 2010

Reunited And It Feels So Good

Oh boy, where to begin....

Should I start with the 5am cattle prod to Sarah's booty
...or maybe with getting to lurv on my BFF Big Country Beck.

Either way, I have a case of the "Mondays" this morning fo sho.
And saying goodbye to my Big Country Beck is one of the reasons!

Friday night we got to party with our fav NOLA couple.
I mean, look at Chuck, he could barely contain himself.

Saturday morning I woke up, cracked open an ice cold ginger ale
and headed to the game.

Coincidence that I was greeted by this sign?

The entire stadium was divided down the middle with orange and red
which I had never seen before.

During a break, they did a cool LiveStrong campaign

I was more enamored with snapping pics

and watching Bevo

And look who we found at the Chicken Shack...

our summer roommate TED!

After the game we were greeted by Big Tex

Then Big Pear followed his nose to the food stand

We even stopped for a few trashy fair games

some friends even won

By that time my blood sugar was getting pretty low

and I wasn't the only one either

Somehow we hit a detour

who knew there would be such a fab lagoon awaiting them.
All in all, I think we had a pretty bad a$$ time.

Oh, and did I mention

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