Friday, September 10, 2010

Someone was thinking about me

when they created this

After work yesterday I ran to Target to grab a few things.

That is when I stumbled across several bottles of Middle Sister.
As the middle child and second sister, how on earth could I resist?!

I chose the pinot noir called goodie two-shoes
This was the description on the back:

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
Or because I graduated top of my class.
Being almost perfect is a terrible burden to bear.
So I must confess, I do have one or two vices.
Wine, cheese, cheeseburgers, vampire novels, pink outfits and serial flirting that more than one or two?
I hope my secrets are safe with you.
I have an image to protect.
Let me buy you a glass of wine.

Each bottle has a little tid bit on the back similar to that
You can visit their website here:

and meet all the different girls

and many more

Oh yea, and the wine was YUM.

And one more thing....


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