Friday, September 24, 2010

Geared Up

One of my favorite parts about getting into a good workout routine is hands down THE GEAR! I love adding new pieces to my work-it-out wardrobe.

And unless you have been living under a rock, you have to have noticed all of the Lululemon shops popping up everywhere.

Everything they have looks so cozy and cute.
And how could it not since its yoga-inspired?
The following items are on my "I would look sooo cute running in this" list

Go to their website here and see what you can't find.

Then there are my go-to favorites. You must have them know, the ones that make you want to stomp your feet and pitch a fit when they are dirty...

Maybe that is just me?

I have this Nike zip up in white and gray.
It is light but keeps you warm and dry.
I tend to throw it on with jeans from time to time when I'm feeling sporty.

This top is super fitted so beware. However, it is a great way to keep your tummy sucked in while working out. Just make sure you aren't feeling gassy while trying to run and suck in your tummy. Just saying....this is a judgment free zone.

Hands down FAVORITE sports bra I have ever worn. Holds the girls in place but doesn't cutoff circulation or dig into your neck. Totally worth the investment!

My new toy. I have always wanted this and Chuck never used it (and didn't have the shoes)so guess who it belongs to now?

Besides, sometimes you need that automated voice to tell you to hurry the eff up.

Lastly, a good pair of socks are a must.

Last night I ran in a pair that had a hole in the big toe.
Each step I took it lodged itself farther under my toenail....not pleasant.

These Asics fit like silky stockings.
Not too tight or think and don't bunch around the heel.
What are your workout must have items?

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