Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Well, we both know it has been pretty silent over here for a bit.
But some exciting things have happened over the past few months....

1. Moved to Houston, TX
2. Got a promotion
3. Have a REAL office with two REAL BIG windows
4. Moved into a very vintage garage apartment in a super swank neighborhood
5. Older sister got engaged

So, you can imagine how my attitude towards life and work have most def changed.

I have become engrossed in wedding planning, obsessed with textiles, started my own collection of fabric swatches, registered to vote in yet another state gained a whole new appreciation for my job, and spent a large amount of dough on transforming my 600sqft partially furnished apartment into my most fab tree tops loft ever...all while racking up major rapid rewards points on my southwest visa.

I started this blog as a way to vent and express my frustrations. My life has changed and now this blog is going to see a bit of a change.....Hopefully it will be enjoyed. So excuse me while I add one more design, wedding, random, before & after, food, travel, music.....blahblahblah blog to the mix

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