Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Personal Statement Wonderland

Yesterday I turned in my last required info for my London life.

How many "Personal Statements" have you written in your lifetime?

In the last 2 months I have had to "sell" myself about 3 times and man is it hard to continually convince someone that you are "adaptable and have a unique ability to juggle professional and personal commitments..."

Makes you feel like quite a tool if I can be blunt.
But I guess sometimes you just have to suck it up huh.

Which reminds me, I haven't told y'all about my trip over Thanksgiving...

I flew to London and stayed with some friends before meeting my lil bro in Florence. 
When I arrived I had to fight the morning rush hour on the tube to get to my friends house in the suburbs.
After a mini nap we headed to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland where we drank Mulled Wine and went ice skating.

It was kind of cheesy with all the carnival games but the Ferris Wheel, booze, and skating where awesome.

After Florence I returned to London and my friend Jonathan (pictures above with purple wine lips) surprised me with tickets to Les Miserable!
We grabbed some food in China Town and went to the theater where I fell in love with that show.
I had never seen it before and have to tell you to GO!

The entire time I was there I was thinking to myself "Ah, I am living here in 3 months!"

Anyways, I will share pics from Florence later this week.

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